Journal Publications

'The duty to naturalise refugees', Critical Review of International Social and Political Philosophy, forthcoming 

'Queer Kinship and the Rights of Refugee Families' co-authored with Samuel Ritholtz, Migration Studies, forthcoming 

'Justice in Waiting: The harms and wrongs of temporary refugee protection', European Journal of Political Theory,  published online 29th November 2020: 

Reparative Justice for Climate Refugees, Philosophy, Volume 94, Issue 2, April 2019 , pp. 193-219 doi:

(Winner of the Royal Institute of Philosophy Annual Essay Prize 2018)




The Philosopher Queens, edited by Rebecca Buxton and Lisa Whiting, Unbound, 2020 

Book Chapters 

Hannah Arendt, in The Philosopher Queens, Unbound 2020 

‘We Must Listen to Climate Refugees Now’, Climate Change and Population Displacement, Greenhaven Publishing, June 2020 (co-authored with Theo Kwek)

Papers in progress 

'Persecution, Membership, and Exile', in draft 

'Do refugees have a duty to be grateful?', co-authored with Matthew Gibney, in draft 

'Sanctuary after Exile: The case of LGBTQ refugees' co-authored with Sam Ritholtz, in draft 

Drafts are available upon request